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Beats in Bits: Boombap

Album cover

Beats in Bits: Boombap is my latest album, released in March 29th 2024. It was built using an Akai MPK Mini Plus and GarageBand.

For a while I've been wanting to produce beats than can be specifically used with Hip Hop. Since there are many different styles and I wanted to make it easy for these instrumentals to be found by others, I landed on the "Beats in Bits: X" name. I decided to start with Boombap simply as that's where my initial instrumentals were gravitating towards.

Additionally, I've decided to name the tracks in more detail and in phrases, rather than abstract concepts, like my past albums.

It's my first album without any samples or loops. All musics have virtual instruments from GarageBand played on the MPK, some manually edited later.

The cover (and background for this website) uses an image generated by DALL-E 2, with some edits by me.