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Logomark: stylized snail


Album cover

Orbital was released in 2023. It was built using an Orba 2 and GarageBand.

After getting an Orba 2 I was prolifically making nice loops, and because it integrates nicely with GarageBand, which has a vast number of instruments and loops, and I had experience with it in all the other albums (except Deep), it was a natural choice for production and very easy to get into a flow state and make a few musics I was very proud of.

I wanted to make something reminiscing of how organical it felt to play with the Orba and landed on "Orbital". After that, and the first music (Organic, which was based off of the second loop I made on the Orba), I wanted to keep the theme of music titles starting with "Or".

The musics have a good mix of actual loops played and recorded from the Orba, virtual instruments from GarageBand played on the Orba, and a couple of samples cut and edited from GarageBand.

The cover uses this photo and this one.